Northern Thai Food in Bangkok

Northern Thai Food in Bangkok

Nam Prik Num at Slow Restaurant & Local Bangkok Photography

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You can find Northern Thai Food in Bangkok. Visiting a friend who manages the Slow Restaurant & Wine Bar in Bangkok.  I was there during lunch and tried a northern dish called Nam Prik Num. Its an appetizer, but its also all vegetables and I decided that sounded great for my lunch. Organic vegetables, minced eggplants young green chili and crispy poek skin.  The green chilis were hot, but not for me.  At this point after eating a lot of chilis in Thailand and New Mexico USA, the only effect I have is a runny noise. No screaming or crying here, its about the chili taste for me.  I also met Lynn who craved up some fruit.  On the walk back to my hotel I took some photographs of the area to show you some of old town Bangkok.

Dining at Slow Restaurant and Wine Bar for North Thail Food in Bangkok.




Meet Food Artist Lynn (below right) who carves up fruit into characters.

Portrait of employees at Slow Restaurant in Bangkok

Meet Lynn and Hong at Slow Restaurant & Bar


Front Sign of Slow Restaurant and Wine Bar


Local Bangkok Scenic Photographs


Side street next to Slow Restaurant


A canal close to Slow Restaurant

Vertical Grass, motor bike parked,

These are all individual plants that are toward the back of a side walk in Bangkok.


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