New Adventure in Vietnam – Follow Me

New Adventure Vietnam – Follow Me

Adventure Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam for the first time to photograph the beauty and also to meet the people and investigate what it looks like years after the Vietnam War.

Destinations • People • Food • Scenics

See photographs and videos as I make my way through Vietnam

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Instagram Follow me with this link for new photographs from my iPhone. I will also be taking photographs with my Canon which will be processed at a later time.

Facebook Follow my Facebook account where I will be posting more photos and videos of my trip as I venture my way through the wild and beautiful country. 

Why Travel

I’m not a 20 something backpacker. I’m an older adult who is a professional photographer that realizes if we don’t travel when we it could be too late. I also travel to show the world to people I call “Arm Chair Travelers” who can’t travel because physical, financial, family or other reasons. 


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