Chiang Mai Day Trips – Wat-Pha-Lat

Chiang Mai Day Trips Wat-Pha-Lat

Wat-Pha-Lat – Temple in the Clouds

chiang mai view from wat-pha-lat, Chiang Mai Day Trips,

A view of the city of Chiang Mai from this Buddha’s point of view. There are a number of prayer areas at the Wat Pha Lat temple. The bottom of this line of Buddhas are two prayer areas.

Wat-Pha-Lat is a Temple in the Clouds on a Mountain Overlooking Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai day trips : Wat-Pha-Lat Temple is only a short distance from several other temple and about an hours drive from Chiang Mai.  Wat-Pha-Lat Temple is mystical place where you can find serenity, beauty, and old sacred artifacts.  Rich in culture with magnificent religious pieces of artistic symbolism. The buildings were made with religious carvings doors and figures.

Virtual Tour of Wat-Pha-Lat

Below is an ordered tour just like you were walking through the area from the parking lot, to the temple, to all the Buddhas, and the city over look.  On the day we toured the temple, we were the only tourists. Our guide said not as many travelers come here, but it is a Chiang Mai day trip because its close to the city.

Wat Pha Lat entrance, things to do in Chiang mai,

Grand entrance of Wat Pha Lat – Travel Thailand – Chiang Mai Temple in the Clouds.

The photographs (above and below) are located at the entrance to the temple.  Be prepared to be in awe from the view of the architecture and beauty of this temple.

chiang mai, wat-pha-lat-73

Grand entrance of Wat Pha Lat – Travel Thailand – Chiang Mai Temple in the Clouds.

Chiang Mai Day Trips: Temple in the Clouds


In the religion of Buddhism, the Elephant has several meanings.  The elephant below represents a guard to the temple and to Buddha. (1)  “The main characteristics of the elephant are his strength and steadfastness. There for it become a symbol of physical and mental strength, as well as responsibility and earthiness.” Symbolism of Animals in Buddhism

Elephant, Chiang Mai day trips,

Elephants at the entrance to temple Wat Pha Lat above Chiang Mai, Thailand.

 Chiang Mai Temple in the Clouds

This is the main temple area (below) after walking through the entrance of the temple.


Buddha and monks represented at Wat Pha Lat.

 Chiang Mai Temple in the Clouds

This is the Buddha (below) in the main temple.  The monk is working to keep everything in order.

chiang mai 9512 wat-pha-lat 73

Place of worship with the Buddha at Wat Pha Lat above Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The three individuals praying are behind the Buddha in the main temple.

chiang mai_ 9510 wat-pha-lat -73


This temple is probably hundreds of years old, as you can see from many of the structures.  There has also been recent additions to the this temple.

Open air gathering area for the monks, Chiang Mai Day Trips,

The open area you see is where the monks sit together to worship and too meditate.


chiangmai _9536 wat-pha-lat -73

Close up view of the front doors from the Temple, maybe 500 years old?



Very old looking door, Chiang Mai Day Trips,

This is a very old building. It reminded me of something out of Disney land where they make things look very old but they aren’t. This one is the real thing! Wat Pha Lat above Chiang Mai, Thailand. This door is art…

Gift area with 2 buddhas, Chiang Mai Day Trips

People come to pray here. They may pray for wealth, a baby or health. When they are able to get this wish, they come back and make donations to the Buddha’s under the overhang. Wat Pha Lat above Chiang Mai, Thailand.

 Chiang Mai Temple in the Clouds

buddha walk way, Chiang Mai Day Trips

We found this path after seeing worshipers come here, its past the row of Buddhas which are sitting with all the gifts of gratitude.

chiang mai _9563 wat-pha-lat -73

Stairway back up to the big Buddha from the overview are of City of Chiang Mia, Thailand.


Chiang Mai Day Trips

This is the dry season, during the rainy season this area has much more water. This water runs off the mountain toward Chiang Mai, Thailand.


chiang mai _957 3wat-pha-lat -73

Temple of the Jungle Wat Pha lat



This is a very unique display of a elephant in a prayer area in Wat Pha Lat above Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Directions to Wat Pha Lat

Google Map – Location of Wat Pha Lat

(1) Elephant –

Wat Pha Lat is close to Bhubing Palace Gardens and is a Chiang Mai Day Trip that many tourists see.

Bhubing Palace Gardens

light in tree, phone case

International Restaurants Chiang Mai

la-lanterna- Italian Restaurant

Clam Pasta

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